27 October 1887, was born Mihal Sherko, journalist and diplomat

Mihal Sherko

On October 27th, 1887, was born the journalist, professor and prominent diplomat Mihal Sherko, in Korca. He was graduated in history, philosophy and pedagogy. He has given lessons in Odessa College, Varna’s College in Bulgaria and in the Lice of Korca. In 1924, he was the general director in the Education Ministry in Tirana and then the director of high school of Tirana. As the director of the Press Office, in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the founder of the Albanian Telegraphic agency, Sherko was become the initiator of the first emission of news in Albanian language, that was prepared  in Tirana and was transmitted in Radio-Bari, Italy. For his work, he deserved several decorations and higher orders of that time.

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