27 June 1917, was born in Shkodra, the prominent composer, Prenk Jakova

The Albanian music world celebrates the birth anniversary of the outstanding composer, Prenk Jakova, who was born in Shkodra on June 27th, 1917. Since the schoolgirls participated in the rich musical life, being activated as a benefit, instrumentalist, actor, and later, the choir and band conductor. For years he worked as a teacher in the villages of Shkodra and Mirdita. It was at this time that he composed a song for children and an operetta. After the liberation, he worked at the House of Culture, created the choir and the orchestra and directed them, just like for three decades, directed all the music activity of the circle. On November 28th, 1945, he recomposed, prepared and showed “Juda Makabe” melodrama of Gjergj Fishta, which was supposed to be given in Tirana, but was banned by senior authorities. In 1947, succeeded with the “Shkodra Wedding”, unique in its kind and in 1952, with the musical passage “Drite mbi Shqiperi”. In 1958, Prenk Jakova, composed the first Albanian opera “Mrika”, which was shown very successfully that year by Shkodra amateurs, under the direction of the author. Shortly thereafter, composed the opera, “Gjergj Kastrioti Skenderbeu”. In the musical heritage of Prenk Jakova, there is also a series of popular songs, which have become popular songs, as well as many romances, songs, and so on. For his rich creativity and activity, he deserved the title “Artist of the People” and the school of music in Shkodra, has his name.

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