27 April 1916, the Romanian press wrote for the Albanian architect Kristo Sotiri

The Romanian magazine, “Arta si frumosul”, published on April 27th, 1916, published six images of an important architectural monument “Avantul Tarili”, designed by the Albanian architect, Kristo Sotiri, in Kostanca, Romania. And there, our well-known compatriot has designed a complex of baths, a shrine, and four residential blocks. The activity of this architect extends to other countries as well. So in Cairo, he has designed a bank; has done important works of art in Italy and Greece. In Italy, he has designed a few villas in Lido, carrying out the restoration of the church of Santa Maria Della Salute and San Giuseppe in Venice, in the palaces of Del Dome and Delle Corniche, in the building of a cinema in Genoa. In Albania, Kristo Sotiri has left projects of many buildings and other architectural works in Durrës, Tirana, Gjirokastra, Kruja, etc.