27 May 1982, died patriot Skender Luarasi

On May 27, 1982, the patriot, writer, interpreter and pedagogist, Skënder Luarasi, separated from life. He was born in Thessaloniki at the beginning of the last century. He attended classes at Robert’s College in Istanbul, then in the United States and ended up in Austria. Equipped with a broad culture and possessions of several foreign languages, he taught at the Shkodra Gymnasium, at the Technical School and at the Vlora Trade School, to complete at the auditors of the University of Tirana. His name was in front of the warboys and after the liberation, in those that went abroad and in Albania. His authorship holds many books, such as “Dawn of Liberty”, “Colonel Tomsoni”, “Migjeni”, “Isa Boletini”, “Ismail Qemali” etc. He gave Albanian readers some of the masterpieces of world literature, including those of Shakespeare, Shiler, etc.