27 May 1922, was born the writer Kin Dushi

The Albanian world of letters today celebrates the birth anniversary of writer and journalist Shkodran, Kin Dushi. Born on May 27, 1922, an orphan, raised in the shelter, after the invasion of Albania was listed in the Anti-fascist National Liberation Movement and experienced the concentration camp of Pristina. Life in the Nazi-style sketch depicts the novel “In the wolf’s mouth”. After liberation, he worked and published in the “Zëri i Popullit” newspaper. In 1955, he published the second novel “Velan’s Way” and “A Name Between the Stars”, dealing with the theme of the National Liberation War. With the comedy “Residents of the sixth grade” won the Republic prize. Many of his works have come out of his pen, including libraries for Tirana’s weddings. After 1961, criticized and persecuted, he once again rescued life in the cell and internment.