27 July 1882, was born the albanologist Maksimilian Lambreci

The Austrian Albanologist, Maksimilian Lamberci, was born on July 27, 1882. He conducted several study trips in Albania and participated actively in the works of the ” Komsise letrare Shqipe” and especially in the discussions on issues of ‘forming a literary Albanian language unified. He has left precious studies, dialects of Arbëresh language and dialectal division of Albanian in general, emphasizing the Albanian language. In 1917, he published the study ” Poezia popullore shqiptare”, followed by ” Perralla shqiptare dhe teljera tekste të folklorit shqiptar”, and considered its best works. His pen also belongs to “Shqipëria rrëfen”, a string of books for learning Albanian, works on issues of Albanian syntax, the monography dedicated to the Albanian cycle of Kreshnik, entitled “Epika popullore shqiptare”. After the Second World War, until his death, he directed the course of the Albanian language at the University of Leipzig.

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