27 January 1925, was killed by the agents of King Zog the Cham patriot Sali Ceka

On January 27th, 1925 the agents of King Zog killed the democrat, lecturer and journalist Sali Ceka, “Nation’s Teacher”. He was born in Filat of Chameria, in 1892. He finished the High School in Ioannina and graduated in France. He began his Pedagogical career in the Normal School of Elbasan. His name as publicist and journalist is found in the school of Ioannina. He wrote in notebooks “Zgjimi i Shqipërisë”, “Korça”, “Liria” etc. In high school he established the society ” Qarku letrar Toskëria “. Sali Ceka founded and led the organs such as the “revista pedagogjike” and “Ku vemi”.