25 June 1873, was born in Shkodra, a high figure of the Albanian Catholic clergy, Pjeter Gjura

Pjeter Gjura, a senior personality of the Albanian Catholic clergy, was born in Shkodra on June 25, 1873. The first lessons he took at technical-commercial branches at St. Francis Xavier’s College. After completing it, he worked as a Shepherd at the Shkodra merchants and for many years taught at the Saverian College. In 1908, he was sent to Austria to continue his studies in theology and philosophy at the University of Innsbruck. In the Homeland, he attended the religious patrol. Initially, he served as a parish priest in Pulaj and then in Shkodra. In 1929, he was appointed bishop of Kurbin, and that same year, became Archbishop of Durres, where he served until his eyes closed in July 1939.

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