25th November 1913, was born the prominent writer Petro Marko

Petro Marko

The prominent writer Petro Marko was born in Dhërmi on November 25th, 1913. His first writings were published, since he was a student at the Commercial School in Vlora. He participated in the War of Spain, to whom he dedicated the novels “Hasta la vista” and “Qyteti i fundit “. Petro Marko has left a rich literary and journalistic heritage, creations in prose and poetry.Among his works we mention the volume of verses “Horizonti”, novels “Ara në mal”, “Stina e armëve”, “Ultimatum”, “Nata e Ustikës”, several works for children, “Shpella e Piratëve”, the biographical volume” Halim Xhelo “etc.

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