25 May 1995, died writer Azem Shkreli

On 25 May 1995, the writer and publicist Azem Shkreli left the world of letters. He was born in Shkrel, Rugova in 1938. He finished the Normal of Prishtina and the Faculty of Philosophy. His career began in the newspaper Rilindja. He was then appointed director of the People’s Theater, director of Kosovo-Film, chairman of the Association of Kosovo Writers and chairman of the Association of Writers of the former Yugoslavia. The first poem was published in 1952 in the “Pioneer” magazine. Later, in the press of Kosovo and Albania, there are dozens of poems, tales, novels and other articles. The first volume with poems “Bulëzat” was published in 1960. It was followed by the “White Caravan” (1961) Angels of the Roads “(1963),” Eyes of Eve “(1965),” Fosilet “(1968). “I Know a Stone Word” 1969), “The Bible of Silence” and “Vjersha” (1977), “Baptism of the Word” (1981), “The Tomb of the Couch” (1983), “The Song of Hudin” ), “The Night of Parrots” (1990), “Rainy Rain” (1996), “God Is not an Albanian” (1997), “The White Caravan”