25 January 1925, was born Eleni Qirici, her fame from Hollywood to Australia

The first dancer, actress and Albanian acrobat, who debuted with great success on the stages of Europe, Australia and the United States of America, Eleni Qirici, was born on January 25th, 1925. She started the artistic career at a very young age. She did in Italy, the first tour with sensational performances that was attended by the highest personalities, to the royal family. The fame that she won with the Italian tour did that the second contract was in France, considered as the center of world art. There she performed alongside the famous artist Maria Dybas. Eleni Qirici is the first who went and excelled in Hollywood, becoming well known all over America. In 1938, she, along with her parents, came to Albania and gave several performances in Korca, Tirana and elsewhere. Moreover, she is the first and choreographer who organized the first Albanian ballet troupe.