25 August 1900, was born Hasan Ceka, one of the first Albanian archaeologists

Hasan Ceka, one of the first Albanian archaeologists, was born in Elbasan on 25 August 1900. Since childhood, besides the school, he has been involved with cultural and theatrical activities. Middle and high school graduated in Austria. After graduating from history and archeology at the University of Vienna, he returned to the Homeland and was named archaeologist near the nucleus of the archaeological museum, which had been set up at the National Library. Leading various functions at the Ministry of Education, but special luck for him was the collaboration in archaeological excavations in Apollo, with the French archaeologist Leon Rey and later in Butrint with the Italian archaeologist Luigi Ugolini. After the liberation, with the creation of the Archaeological Museum and the Institute of Sciences, he worked in these institutions mainly for the numismatic system of Albania and at the same time directed the works and excavations in the Pojan. Hasan Ceka, is author of many writings of historical and scientific character published in such bodies as “Albanian endeavor”, “Light of the Light”, “Illyria”, in the Bulletins of the Institute of Science “Science and Life”. In 1965, he published the book “Problems of Illyrian Numismatics” and left in the script “The Currencies of Apollonia and Dyrrah.”

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