24 April 1879, was born the diplomat Reshat Asllani

The professor, economist and diplomat, Reshat Asllani, was born in Edirne or Adrianople on April 24th, 1897. He went to the College in Istanbul; where together with other Albanians requested the introduction of the Albanian language, raising our flag and the creation of the Albanian “literary County”. He did the higher studied in the Agronomic Institute, “Gallini” in Italy. After graduating he served in the Ministry of Agriculture, but soon he was involved in the diplomatic service and was appointed secretary of the consulate in Bari. In 1923, he became secretary of the Albanian Legation in Rome. Reshat Asllani, supported the Revolution of June and the government of Noli. With the triumph of Legality, he was unemployed. For 14 years he served as a professor and administrator of the Agricultural School in Kavaja. In 1938, he returned to the diplomatic service as Albania’s consul in Bitola. He continued the diplomatic career even in the occupation years. After the liberation he served as a bookkeeper in several agricultural enterprises, he was imprisoned and persecuted and did not recognize the right of pension.