24 March 1937, died the patriot cleric Haxhi Vehbi Dibra

On March 24th, 1937, died the cleric and patriot Haxhi Vehbi Dibra, “soldier of religion and the homeland.” He was born in the family of Ahmet Agolli, Mufti of Dibra and one of the most educated of it. His son at age 25 took the post of mufti. In 1909, Vehbi Dibra, was elected president of the Congress of Dibra, in November 1912, and represented the country in Vlora, where it was elected vice president. In the ensuing years, he remained one of leaders of the rebellion against the Serbian occupation of Dibra. He directed with patriotism and wisdom many Muslim Communities in Tirana until 1929. In his funeral, participated and made a very significant speech the chairman of the Albanian Orthodox Church, Archbishop Vissarioni.