23 June 1911, in Malesia e Madhe, convened the General Assembly of Albanian leaders

In the Grec plateau of Malesia e Madhe, on June 23, 1911, the General Assembly of Albanian leaders convened, which approved the “Greek Memorandum” a historical document containing requirements for the creation of an autonomous Albanian province. It was drafted by Ismail Qemali and Luigj Gurakuqi; Appeared to the Turkish Government and the Great Powers and was also printed as a separate brochure. Known as the “Red Book”, the document contained 12 requests for territorial and administrative autonomy of Albania, among which the recognition of the Albanian nation, the unification of the vilayet with the Albanian population, the cessation of the Albanian civil and financial administration, the creation of judicial bodies, The gendarmerie and the police with the local, the use in the administration in the courts and assemblies of the Albanian language, etc.

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