23 March 1855, Cesare Kanta wrote to De Rada: Albanians are inheritors of Marko Bocari

The Italian historian Cesare Kanta, in a letter sent to De Rada on March 23rd, 1885 called the Albanians inheritors of Marko Bocari, the Albanian patriot and a fearless fighter of Greek revolution for the national liberation. The Englishman traveller Stephen has written for this hero in this way: “For me Miltiadhi in Marathon and Leonidas at Thermopylae, were not more heroic than Marko Boçari”. Meanwhile the Italian historian Arturo Gelanti, pointed out that two main generals of Greece Odhise Andruço and Marko Boçari “were two great Albanians.” While the great French writer Victor Hugo wrote that the loss of this brave Albanian was very sensitive to the Greek issue.