23 May 1924, was held the Assembly of the province of Laberia

In the troubled city of Vlora, on May 23rd, 1924, was held the assembly of 43 Democratic and Vlora deputies. They decided to oppose the King Zogu government for the injustices they did and to cope with the gun, any anti-democratic act. That same day, was held the “Assembly of the province of Labëria”, which decided to launch the uprising. Against the government, was announced the military garrison of Përmet, led by Colonel, Kasem Qafezezi. Following these events, the Commission for the Leader Movement was led by Fan Noli. He appointed military leaders: in the south was Kasem Qafëzez, in Shkodër Rexhep Shala and in the area of Kosovo and Dibra Bajram Currin. The rebel units numbered 12,000 people, most of them peasants.