22 February 1933, died the patriot Hil Mosi

Hil Mosi, the prominent professor, journalist, writer, died on February 22nd, 1933. After graduating in Austria Glagenfurt he returned in homeland, where he held an intense cultural and patriotic activity. He was a delegate to the Congress of Monastery in 1908, an active member of the “Komsisa letrare ” delegate in the Congress of Lushnja, representative of our country in the League of Nations in 1920, Member of Albanian Parliament during the years 1921-1923, one of the first directors of the National Library. As a professor he has taught in schools of Korca, in the Normal School of Elbasan and later he directed the Ministry of Education. He published the first journalistic writings in newspapers “Drita”, “Kombi”, ” Shpresa e Shqypnisë “, etc. In 1909, he established in Korca, the first sports society “Vellazeria”, in Shkodra the club ” Lidhja Kombëtare ” and the society “Vaso Pasha”, etc.