22 June 1940, Gjergji Minga was born in Korca

In the city of Korca on June 22, 1940, Gjergji Minga, “Doctor of Medical Sciences” was born. In 1961, he graduated from the Faculty of Medicine in Tirana. For good results in lessons, in addition to medical practice, he gave lectures at the Faculty and during the years 1970-1975 at the Faculty of Medicine in Prishtina. Five years tested the circulation at the Shkodra hospital. After returning to Tirana, he continued lectures at the Faculty, worked at the Department of Health and headed the Nuclear Medicine Center. Doctor Minga is the author of 8 university textbooks, a monograph, dozens of scientific articles, and co-author of the Latin-Albanian dictionary. Like many physically sensitive physicians, the doctor has drawn art and culture. Since she was a student, she has directed the satirical newspaper, “Eye and Ear” and “Leisure Hour” of the faculty, has organized and directed many student artistic activities. From his pen, scenarios, sketches, parody, satirical poetry have emerged. On the pages of newspapers and magazines of the time, he has published literary and publicist writings.

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