22 June 1900, ended the Register of Essafs of Silversmiths

On June 22, 1900, the Soldier’s Esnaf Register was completed. This is the oldest and most valuable register ever recognized in our country and in the Balkans; Covers the period from 1662 to 1900, so it contains data and documents of almost two centuries and a half ago. It is known that jewelery flourished in some popular centers of Albania, such as Berat, Shkodra, Elbasan, Prizren, Voskopoja, etc. There were hundreds of jewelers in them. Their works of a high artistic level were also sought in foreign markets such as the Balkan, European, Persian, Egyptian and Tunisian countries. The Albanian masters were famous for the production of ornaments for men and women, ornamented weapons, etc.

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