21 June 1942, was born writer, journalist and playwright, Ruzhdi Pulaha

The writer, journalist and playwright, Ruzhdi Pulaha, was born on 21 June 1942. After graduating from the Faculty of History-Philology, he began working as an editor and then responsible for the culture editorial at Radio Tirana. In 1975, he left the institution for “liberal attitudes” and “ideological mistakes in creativity.” For 4 years worked in Pogradec, as a teacher and librettist in the town estrada. At the end of 1979, he returned to Tirana near the National Theater where he worked until 1986, when he appeared as a freelance writer. In 1992, he was elected MP in the Assembly and chaired the Parliamentary Committee on Education and Culture. After 1999, he collaborated with Radio-Tirana, for the realization of the “Pine Street” radio station and the Albanian Public Television, as the first Albanian telenovel screenwriter. He has not interrupted the connection and cooperation with the National Theater and the “Andon Zako Cajupi” theater in Korca, where he staged about 20 dramas and comedies. Ruzhdi Pulaha, has a rich creativity. He has written stories, novels, novels, drama, comedy and some movie scripts. With the comedy “Ladies from the City,” played on stage and screen, has won the Republic Award of the first degree.

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