20 June 1886, Ligor Thoma Bellovoda was born

In Bellovod, Korca, on June 20, 1886, patriot Ligor Thoma Bellovoda was born, one of the activists of the US Democratic Party. He worked as a teacher in the village of birth, then in Cologne. In 1903, he emigrated to the United States of America. He settled in Indianopolis, where he worked on a railway company. After 4 years, he served in the military administration of Sent Louis and Chicago, in various administrative and state positions. In 1914, he became the owner of one of the largest firms in Suthbrixhe. It dealt with the trading of spare parts for vehicles. Ligor Bellovoda was one of the first Albanians to be distinguished in American political life. He led the club of the Democratic Party of Suthbrough. In 1932, he created and led the international association of Albanian, Greek and Roman emigrants. However, patriotic activity and national affairs remained at the center of his attention. At Naum Cher, he named Bellovod “a man who is a prime minister”. He preached and worked for the Albanian emigrants to preserve the language, customs, and customs to join them in a political organization, which was accomplished with the creation of “Vatra”.

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