20 January 1925, died Hoxhe Kadriu, patriot and democrat

On January 20th, 1925, died Kadri Prishtina, or as known Hoxhë Kadriu, lawyer and statesman, patriot and fighter for freedom and democracy. He was born in Pristina, in 1878. He was graduated in Istanbul for justice and pedagogy. Since he was a student was involved in the patriotic movement and imprisoned by the Ottoman government. Was one of the creators of the Committee “National Protection of Kosovo”. At the Congress of Lushnja, was elected Minister of Justice and then Vice President of the Albanian Parliament. As an opponent of Ahmet Zogu, he was forced to emigrate to Austria. After returning, published in Shkodra the journal “Udha e së vërtetës”. He worked as a lawyer, becoming one of the founders of the Albanian jurisprudence.