January 2nd, 1889, was born Tito Skipo, the famous Arbërsh singer

Tito Skipo

In Lecce, Italy, in a poor Arbëresh family, on January 2nd, 1889 was born one of the most prominent personalities of our culture Tito Skipo, the world-famous singer and artist of scene.  He never denied his origins and the Albanian blood and in 1959 he visited Albania, the land of his ancient ancestors. Tito Skipo took the first lessons in his hometown. The compatriots helped him to go to Milan, where he continued the studies for singer and became one of the stars of the famous “La Skala”. He performed the main roles in the most known operas as: “Traviata”, “Somnambul”, “Barber of Seville”, “Don Pasqual”, “The Elixir of Love”. He performed successfully in several films that were shown on our screens as: “Three gentlemen with tails”, then to “National” cinema they admired his voice and talent in “Who’s better than me,” “Land of fire”, etc. During his visit to Albania in 1959, Tito Skipo participated in several artistic, cultural and sports activities.

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