19 March 1942, in Mallakastër was born the Prof. Fatmir Shehu, engineer of oil and gas processing

The Albanian scientific world today celebrates the birth anniversary of the professor Fatmir Shehu, distinguished engineer, for the processing of the deposits of oil and gas. He was born in Gorisht Mallakastra on March 19th, 1942. He was committed with the problems of “black gold”, since in the industrial school of oil in Kucova and then at the Faculty the Geology and Mining in Tirana, where he graduated in the technology of drilling wells of oil and gas. The good results at work helped him in the scientific career, being appointed in the Institute of Oil and Gas in Patos, Director of Oil directory in the Ministry of Industry and Mining to Deputy Minister of Energy. He is the author of over 60 scientific publications, inside and outside the country