18 August 1835, the Shkodra insurgents led by Hamza Kazazi harvested the next victory over the Ottoman forces

Guided by Hamza Kazazi, on 18 August 1835, the Shkodra rebels crowned the next victory over the Ottoman forces. Hamza was a member of the Provisional Council and commander of the military actions in the civilian uprising of Shkodra in 1835. It was from a rural family from Beltoja, residing in Shkodra. In the youth, she practiced the silkworm craft. In the period of Mustafa Pasha Bushatlliu’s rule, he served as a military commander for maintaining order and tranquility in the city. After the fall of the Bushathines and the re-establishment of Ottoman invasion, he renounced this task and opposed Turkish administrations. He directed all the rebellious actions. Despite their offerings, he declined to enter Turkish service.

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