17 June 1932, professor Rexhep Shehu was born

In Tirana on June 17, 1932, Professor Rexhep Shehu was born. He graduated geologist engineer at the Tirana Polytechnic Institute. Karrjeren started in the Bulqiza Geological Enterprise, in the search-finding of the Thecna source. He then held positions and held senior positions at the State Geology Committee, specialist and adviser for geology at the Prime Minister, Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Industry and Mines, specialist of sector chief in the Committee of Science and Technology, etc. An important place in his life, occupies pedagogical work for the preparation of new geologists. He has lectured at the Faculty of Geology and Mining and is a co-author of textbooks, “Methods for exploration of useful mineral deposits”, “Proof-making and geological documentation” and “Research and inventory of stock records First “.

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