17 June 1907, was born the pioneer of science of Albanian veterinary, Prof. Dhimitar Vavakos

Pioneer of Albanian Veterinary Science, Prof. dr. Dhimiter Vavakos, who was born on June 17, 1907. In 1932, he graduated in Italy and was offered an assistantship at the University of Milan, but returned to the Homeland and worked as a veterinarian in the Kukes district. With the intervention of Dr. Bilal Golem, he was sent for specialization in bacteriology and after return he worked with the Doctor in the Veterinary Laboratory and then directed him. Scientific Activity Prof. Dr. Vavako, he devoted himself to the study of etiology, methods of diagnosis and prophylaxis of many animal diseases. He is the author of many scientific papers in the field of microbiology and epizootology. It took on the preparation of the vaccine and serum, against the breakdown and the new methods for their titration, with various epizootological issues of the specific protection of enterotoxemia and dandruff brucellosis, the production of a vaccine against parasitosis, etc. He headed the Central Veterinary Laboratory, on the basis of which he instituted the Veterinary Research Institute.

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