17 January 1880, was born the painter Ndoc Martini

On January 17th, 1880, in Shkodra, was born the painter and our draftsman, Ndoc Martini. He opened the first exhibition in the school of that city in 1898 and the press of that time wrote for his works. In the ceiling of one of the halls of St. Demetrius Corona College, where he went to continue his studies are preserved even today many frescoes that left his brush. The pictures of the painter like “The portrait of an arberesh woman “, “The portrait of Skanderbeg”, etc, have attracted the attention of the foreign press and are exhibited in the fairs and international exhibitions, or are reproduced in the pages of the Albanian periodical of that time. In the Gallery of Arts in Tirana, is preserved the portrait of Prela doctor, one of the most successful works of the painter.