17 January 1468, the day of our national hero death, George Castriot Skanderbeg

The Albanian nation commemorates on January 17th, his legendary hero George Castriot Skanderbeg at the anniversary of eternity. Below is the letter that the Republic of Ragusa, has sent to Albanian hero in 1452 where in few lines is sketched his excellent portrait: “The magnificent and our powerful brother and very dear friend! We cannot find enough words to praise or admire the incredible greatness of your soul and your unique manhood. Who is this person who does not think that you have deserved this praise and glory that any man with high spirit wants to give you? You have fought with few forces against the countless Turkish enemies; have preserved intact the city with districts against the fury and weight of an army so strongly prepared. I hope you will be a reflection and an ensample to all the princes, to all the nations and your name be crowned by an eternal fame.