17 August 1911, died poisoned, National Renaissance, Petro Nini Luarasi

Died poisoned by the Young Turks and the Patriarchate of Istanbul, on 17 August 1911, the activities of the National Renaissance, publicist and pedagogue, from Petro Nini, “People’s Teacher”. One of itinerant teachers, who taught children in secret Albanian, stop the invaders and Patriarchate. In 1887, he opened the first Albanian school in Erseka and later, some Albanian schools in the province of Kolonja and the students, the first director and teacher of the Albanian school of Korca. Four years living in the US, actively participated in the national movement, was the initiator of the establishment of patriotic societies “Mall of Motherland” and “Pellazgu”, the creation of secret committees for the freedom of Albania. In 1908, he was a delegate at the Manastir Congress, where the Albanian alphabet was adopted, which we use today. He has collaborated with many organs of the time, where he published publicist, pedagogical and literary writings, mostly poetry.

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