16 April 2006, commemorated “Nightingale” of the Balkans, as it is called singer Lucie Milot

The Albanian music world, today commemorates Balkan Bilbil, as called singer Lucie Miloti. She was linked to the scene at the age of 12. That child also sang in the Radio-Shkodra microphone. For him, it was a great coaching school with great composer Preng Jakova, at the Kuitur House of the city. When he was 16, he moved to Tirana and was immediately appointed soloist at Radio Tirana. Through the microphone, her voice became known and sought after, inside and outside the country. With the rise of the State Philharmonic, the singer was nominated soloist and in 1957, when the Ensemble of Songs and Pops Dance was created, she became her first activist. For health reasons, she retired at the age of 45, but she had reached the highest levels of interpretation: in countless concerts, with participation in tours and festivals abroad, the singer won the title “Ball Bilbili” and “Singer With crystal voice “. In 1961, she deserved the title “Deserved Artist” and the Order “Great Worker”. He died on May 16, 2006.