16 July 1932, was born Professor Pandeli Cina

Professor Pandeli China, was born on July 16, 1932. He graduated from the Warsaw Medical Academy. After returning to Homeland, he led the Corovode Hospital and during 1961-1967 was the head of the Department of Internal Diseases and the Cardiology Cabinet at Berat Hospital. For eight years he has been a lecturer and graduate of postgraduate education at the Faculty of Medicine in Tirana. Again transferred to Berat and again, he returns to Tirana. Professor China, is the author of several textbooks and medical studies. The University of Texas in the US awarded the diploma with the motivation “In recognition of the outstanding academic achievements in cardiology”. In 1995, he was accepted as a member of the New York Academy of Sciences. In Albania, he is Chairman of the Albanian Intellectuals Forum and Vice President of the Order of Doctors. “Out of the note of the distinguished cardiologist, two poetic volumes, some foreign authors’ writings and publicist writings on democracy and national character emerged.

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