June 15, 1389, took place the battle between Ottoman forces and anti-Ottoman coalition led by Serbian prince Lazar

In the Kosovo Field, near Pristina on June 15, 1389, the great battle between the Ottoman forces commanded by Sultan Murati and the anti-Ottoman coalition led by Serbian prince Lazarus took place. After the victory in Marica’s battle with 1371 Ottomans continued their conquests in the Central Balkans, reaching the Albanian and Serbian territories. For the European rulers, it became clear that without the unification of the forces, it was impossible to withstand the Ottoman invasion. Therefore, the forces of the Serbian, Bosnian, Hungarian, Croatian, Czech, Polish, Bulgarian, Romanian and Albanian forces joined forces in the anti-mascot coalition army. Among the Albanians was the ruler of Shkodra GjergjliStrazimir Balsha, brothers Junt and Teodor Korona Muzaka, from Central Albania; The latter was killed on the battlefield. In the battle of Kosovo, the Ottomans had numerical strengths in the forces, reaching 100,000, versus 40,000 Balkans. The battle ended with the victory of the Ottomans. But a young Albanian warrior, Milos Kopilic, originally descended to the Sultan’s tent and killed Murat 1, while the Ottomans for revenge cut off the captive Lazarus head. Kosovo’s victory paved the way for the Ottomans for new conquests in the central and northern Balkans and for further penetration into Albanian lands.

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