13 June 1920, Esat Toptani was killed by two bullets pouring over Avni Rustemi

At 1:30 on June 13, 1920, when Esat Toptani was emerging from the “Continental” Hotel in Paris, he was dead by two bullets, pouring over Avni Rustemi. The young Democrat, was arrested and after a rogue trial, was released as innocent. Esat Pasha Toptani, remains one of the most negative figures in the history of our people. In April 1913, being commander of the reserve forces of Middle Albania, fighting for the protection of Shkodra from the Montenegrin siege, secretly entered into an agreement with the enemy and handed Shkodra to Montenegrins. After leaving Shkodra, he set up a “separatist government” in the Middle East, “against the National Government of Vlora. In 1914, as Minister of War and Internal Affairs in the government of Vilhelm Vid, sabotaged the resistance of the masses to the liberation of South Albania by the Greek forces and its unification with the Albanian state. In October of that year, with the help of the Italian-Serbian reaction, decided its power in Durres and a year later, signed an agreement with the Serbian government, to the detriment of the political independence and territorial integrity of the Albanian state. His anti-national activity continued in exile, claiming that he represented the state of the Albanian state at the Peace Conference in Paris. This pushed democratic forces to liquidate it, with Avni Rustemi’s hand.

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