13 June 1878, a group of patriots from Shkodra sent a memorandum to British Prime Minister Bikonsfild

A group of patriots of Shkodra, on 13 June 1878, on the day of the opening of the Berlin Congress, drafted and sent to the British Prime Minister Bikonsfild, the Memorandum, which attracts the attention of the Great Powers over the existence of the Albanian affair, denounces the St Stephen Treaty, affirms the national identity Of the Albanian population in the inhabited areas, from North to South. The document, which has entered history called the Shkodra Memorandum, calls upon the Great Powers at the Berlin Congress to recognize and support the rights of Albanians to address Albania’s future as an indispensable element of equilibrium and Peace in Bafikan. In it, the idea of ​​Albania’s secession from the Ottoman Empire and the declaration of independence of the country is cast.


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