March 13th, 1881 was born in Yemen the Albanian diplomat Rauf Fico

On March 13th, 1881, in Sana of Yemen was born Rauf Fico, statesman and diplomat in Albania. After graduating in the University of Istanbul he took high positions in the Turkish administration and at the same time was committed to the national cause. He participated in the Congress of Monastery and after the Declaration of Independence was counselor of Ismail Qemali for the internal affairs. On the beginning of the Congress of Lushnja he resigned from the cabinet of the Government of Durres and was appointed deputy interior minister in the government of Sulejman Delvina. In 1922, he directed the Interior ministry. Four years later he becomes part of the Diplomatic Service, representing Albania in Turkey and Bulgaria. In 1930 he directed the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and then represented the country in Belgrade, Athens and Berlin. Rauf Fico opposed Albania’s occupation by fascist Italy so he was exiled. After the liberation he returned home and died on January 1944 in Tirana.