12 June 1939, was born the Professor Uran Asllani

In Tirana on June 12, 1939, was born the Professor Dr. Uran Asllani. He did the education at hometown. After graduating from the Faculty of Natural Sciences, he taught at the Lezha and Peqin high schools. Then he worked in the food industry in Elbasan. From 1991, he headed the Department of Research Development, near DUCROS-ALBAN IE. He started the scientific research activity in 1966, with the publication of the first two articles. Later, his name appears in the University of Tirana’s Natural Sciences Bulletin, where several study articles have been published that treats the problems of essential chemistry. In 1988, he published the monograph, “The aromatic plant essences of Albania”. In recent years, he has also published 3 biographical volumes of Albanian students, who graduated from Robert’s American College of Istanbul, as well as at the higher educational institutions of Austria and France. Professor Asllani has also participated in international scientific activities and publications held by him, published in the Vienna, Istanbul, Tel Aviv, Seville and US press. He is among the Albanian personalities included in the Cambridge encyclopedia, “Who’s Who in the 21st Century,” for 2003.

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