11 May 1771 remembers the anniversary of brave Arvanites Laskarlina Bubulina

Today, remember the anniversary of the late Arvanitas Laskalina (real name Dhaskalina) Bubulina. He was born on the island of Hydra in the family of Captain Arbëresh Stavri Pinochini on May 11, 1771. Dhaskalina was 50 years old when the Greek Revolution and the brave arbëreshja emerged unequivocally, jumped into the barricades of war, felt that he also fought for freedom of Homeland of her ancestors. No battles are counted, which she bravely led. In one of them, heroically fell and her son Jani, but she did not stop. With her name and bravery, she erected over 200,000 arbëreshes against the Ottoman invaders, became an example of heroism, turned into an immortal legend, into a divine figure that elevates the history of our ancient people.