10 April 1921, in Istanbul was born Andon Pano, founder of Partizan and Popular Theatre

In Istanbul on April 10th, 1921, was born Andon Pano, founder of Partizan and National Theater. He is one of only few artists, who have taken place in the foreign encyclopaedias. In the fourth volume of “Teatralnaja Encyclopaedia”, on page 262, is written about the stage performance of the Albanian artist. Andon Pano began the artistic activity since in the Elbasan School. He was the founder of partisan theatre and after the liberation of Albania, founder and director of the National Theatre, the director of the Puppet Theatre, the creator of an entire stage images gallery, that are highly appreciated by the first Prize of the Republic and with the title “Artist of Merit.” He has written and translated many theatrical parts recognized as one of the first critics and historians of our scenic art.