10 May 1467, a letter written in Venice on Gjergj Kastrioti’s victory against Ballaban Pasha

Here are some lines from a letter written in Venice on May 10, 1467, about Gjergj Kastrioti’s victory over Ballaban Pasha. “Skanderbeg with 1500 people, reads the letter, captured Ballaban brother, with all the equipment that went against Kruja and brought it to Lezha. Ballabani suspecting he was coming to help Kruja, decided to attack and so did They were brave and wounded by the insiders … the captain of the Sultan, with his first firing, and when he got up to his floor, he died, and soon came Skanderbeg and drove all the Turks out of the field, giving up Kruja, and rested with Nazillas, and broke the enemies, cutting off many Turks, and always winning the victory. “