10 January 1920, is killed the patriot Sali Nivica

Sali Nivica

In Shkodra, on January 10th, 1920, was killed by an Italian agent the patriot Sali Nivica, one of the leaders of the Albanian national movement and director of the newspaper “Populli”. He was born in Rexhina of Kurvelesh, in 1890. Since in the desks of high school in Monastery and Ioannina he wrote and published in the newspaper “Liria” of Thessaloniki and “Zgjimi i Shqiptarëve” of Ioannina. Even when he worked as a teacher he wrote and published in the press of the time with the nicknames “Godo”, “Duda”, “Gjoni”, etc. As a supporter of the education and culture and a fighter for the independence and integrity protection of the Albanian state he was targeted by the internal and external enemies of the country.

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