10 August 1882, was born the patriot and writer Risto Siliqi

In Shkodra on August 10, 1882, was born the patriot and writer Risto Silić. The first lessons he took at home. Persecuted by the Ottoman invaders, along with the three brothers, were forced to flee to Cetinje, where they opened the hotel “Albania”, which became the center of Albanian insurgents. In 1905, he joined with Hil Mos, Luigj Gurakuqi and other patriots and collaborated on the Albanian issue. In 1911, he returned to Shkodra and in newspapers of time, he expounded the politics of the jihadists. In June 1913, Hil Mosi and Karl Suma published the newspaper “Shqypnia e re”, where they read many of his writings. Meanwhile he also co-operated with the newspaper “Atdheu”, which delineates in Romania’s Condos and in Shkodra. As a member of the democratic rhythm, after the repression of the June Revolution, he left politics and worked as a lawyer until he died in 1936.

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