10 August 1842, was born Nikolla Keta supporter of the Albanian language and Arberesh poet

In Kuntisa Village of Sicily on August 10, 1842, was born Nikolla Keta, supporter of the Albanian language and Arberesh poet. He studied at Arberesh College in Palermo, where he later became his priest and rector. From his pencil a series of works have been published, such as the Italian-Albanian dictionary with about 10,000 words, “Etymology of the Albanian language”, “Treasury of notices for Macedonians”, “Catalog on large Arberesh families”. There have been many poems and poems, among them an autobiographical tune of patriotic accent, the first of this kind in our literature. He studied and wrote about the origins of the Albanian language and our people, about their Illyrian origin. The works of Nikolla Keta have remained in the script, except for any part that was published by his compatriots later.

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