10 December 1916, is announced the Autonomous region of Korca, under the protection of the French authorities

Autonomous Republic of Korca

At the peak of the First World War, when all countries were violated by foreign warring armies, in Korca, was raised the national flag and was declared “the Autonomous Province of Korca”. Under the pressure of the Patriotic Movement and the armed çeta of district the commander of the French armed forces, colonel Dekoen, on December 10th 1916 was forced to take away from Korca the Greek administration and signed with the representatives of Korca, the protocol, according to which the city with Bilisht, Kolonjë, Gore and Opar districts created an autonomous province, which would be administered by the Albanians under the protection of French military authorities. For this purpose were established Administrative Council, the gendarmerie and armed departments volunteers, to preserve the independence of the province.

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