1 June 1947, today is commemorated the birth of the actor Petrika Riza

The Albanian scene, today celebrates the birth anniversary of the talented actor of Korca Theater, “Andon Zako Çajupi”, Petrika Riza. He was born in Bulgarec on June 1st, 1947. After graduating from the High School of Arts, he took the first steps in the Korça stage. Made up for talent and original interpretation. This made him wanted not only on the stage but also on the radio-Korça and Tirana even on the screen. In 1970, he performed Rustem’s role in “The Eighth in the Bronx”. That same year, he also played in the movie “Montatorja”, becoming dear to the Albanian viewer. In the years that he continued to perform in 12 other films. Difficult transition years break off his cinematic career. He performed the last role in the movie “White Sheets” in 1990.

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