1 June 1912, was born Mehmet Gjevori, co-author of “Primer for adults “

On June 1st, 1912, in Elbasan was born, Mehmet Gjevori. He was graduated in Tirana Technical School for pedagogy. He spent 6 years at Burrel Dormitory, then taught at Peqin schools and, starting in 1941, for half a century worked for the spread of education and knowledge in Kosovo. For many years he was a director of “Abdyl Frashëri” school in Prizren and then an inspector of Kosovo Albanian School, and editor of Mustafa Baka Publishing House. Mehmet Gjevori, co-author of “Primer for adults “, published in 1946, the author of the volume “Parents and Children”, “The phraseology of the Albanian language “. For his work, in 1994, he was decorated by the Albanian President with the Order “Naim Frashëri”.

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