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The purpose

Encouragement of an elite network of collectors inside and outside the country, focused in the cultural heritage and in the development of the historical consciousness of our Nation.

Coordinating the work of the collectors, toward the increase and preservation of collections with the main topics about the history and culture of the Albanian national.

Organizing the exhibitions inside and outside of the country, promoting the cultural heritage and the history of our country through special items.

Publishing in a periodical magazine the studies of our center, books, leaflets, postcards in order of propagating the activities. To organize seminars with topics on the object of activity.  To organize competitions between the collectors and to give awards.

The mission

Through the establishment of the center, is made possible the coordination among the collectors.  To achieve a well organized approach in a nationwide level for the collections and their values.

The vision

Through the presentation of the collections, QMKSH intends to orientate the public toward a value system that has the best qualities of Albanian nation. In the global interaction of the Albanian culture with other cultures, QMKSH intends to crystallize what   history has bequeathed.

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