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Exhibition for the 94 anniversary of Independence, 26-28 November 2006

From 26 to 28 November 2006, the Albanian Nationwide Collector’s Center opened in the Gallery of Arts in Vlora the exhibition of 14 collectors in the framework of the 94th anniversary of Independence. For the first time were exhibited 5 rare flags. Those that belong to 1910-1912 years were outdated, but their extraordinary values are quite visible, three others were of 1920 year. At the exhibition was stand an original document of the Declaration of Independence, by Lef Nosi, with the inscription of 1937 year, together with the patriots signatories who participated in the National Assembly on November 12th, 1912. Some original works of Albanian Renaissance, from Naim Frasheri, Asdreni and Vaso Pasha, but also many rare works of the Albanian Independence history took a particular place at the Art Gallery in Vlora. All these treasures are part of the rare archives of 14 known Albanians collectors who are part of QMKSH as: Shpëtim Sala, Kristaq Jorgji, Niko Xhara, Vasil Xhitomi, Vangjo Ilo, Emona Boçe, Viktor Koliqi, Gazmend Bakiu, Niko Kotherja, Adrian Pepa, Ylli Skënderi, Shkelqim Gjocuka, Tonin Thaçi, Adrian Seda dhe Jorgji Bello.

A rare album of unpublished photography, with a special technique, was part of this exposure even if each of them contains a different history.  These are photos of Ismail Qemali, rare photos of Isa Boletini or Abdyl Frasheri that belongs to Shpëtim Sala collection, inherited by some generations. In this exhibition were present the first philatelic series of Vlora since early day of 1912.  Also were exposed the Numismatics of that time, with rare coins and banknotes, of early 20s. A special publication (November 2006) was given for the visitors of the exhibition. In this publication were included: the National Albanian Flag of 1912, the official Flag, the original document of the Declaration of Independence (by Lef Nosi 1937), include a photo of signatories and the Flag Hymn too.  In this circumstance in Vlora was held an open debate with the participation of the researcher and collectors, with the topic: “The relic flags values”, where participated the well known heraldry researcher Jaho Brahaj, the researcher Parim Kosova from Prizren and the researcher Bardhosh  Gaçe, etc.

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