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9 April 1641, a report of Frank Bardhi for the mass cultivation of maize in Zadrima

In a report of our humanist and writer Frang Bardhi, dated on April 9th, 1641, was treated the cultivation of maize in Zadrima area. The Albanians were among the first peoples in Balkans, even in Europe who cultivated this culture for bread and for export. This document proves not only the high level of agricultural development by our ancestors, but also the connections, that they have had with the outside world, for the development of trade with other nations, even to the development of science and the spread of knowledge, which enable the cultivation of new and unfamiliar cultures. Planting corn in those distant years in Albanian areas, is a proof that our sailors may have been part of the expedition crew of Christopher Columbus, who discovered America. Such a hypothesis has been treated by some researchers.

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